Women’s Leadership Institute Australia | Bigthing
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Women’s Leadership
Institute Australia

Addressing the imbalance of women in leadership positions

Women’s Leadership Institute Australia

Interface Design

Mobile Responsive

Digital Strategy

Establishing the leading authority for contacts, research and information on the gender imbalance of women in leadership.

Bigthing created a website for the Women’s Leadership Institute of Australia (WLIA) that would give credibility to their brand, and make it easy for journalists to find quality information and sources on women’s leadership.

Challenge and Goals

WLIA provides a plethora of resources on women in leadership, including an exclusive database of women in leadership positions,  latest media coverage, research and scholarships.  The previous website needed a major overhaul to ensure users could quickly navigate through this information and find the resources they needed.

In order to be seen a leading authority, WLIA also needed a web presence which would establish their credibility to journalists and the general public.

Solution & Success

Bigthing redeveloped WLIA’s existing website, restructuring the content to make it easy for journalists and users to find relevant information and sources for their reports.  We adjusted the overall content to provide a clear message and aim for the site, and added social integration to generate more dialogue around key issues.  The new website was developed to be accessible on any device.

We were also asked to design and typeset WLIA’s print media, and provide a clean, professional template for their reports and internal research.

Results & Milestones

Since the redesign, WLIA has regularly been cited as an expert source and provided comments in national newspapers, such as The Australian and The Australian Financial Review, and popular blogs such as Women’s Agenda.  They continue to bring about positive change for women in leadership.