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Road Angels

On-demand roadside assistance

Road Angels

Backend Development


Digital Strategy

24/7 roadside assistance throughout Australia, at your fingertips.

At Bigthing, we created a website, app and branding for Road Angels, creating a service that walks customers through the steps of getting roadside assistance, and helping providers get them back on the road.

Overcoming the Challenge

Traditional roadside assistance usually involves a call to your local provider, and time spent waiting in a long phone queue.  Once connected, it is up to the provider to obtain your details and explain the assistance process, before assigning the right technician to your problem.  This process is often frustrating and repetitive, and requires a large call centre staff to handle incoming calls and manage a fleet of technicians.

Solution & Success

Our aim was to streamline the process of traditional roadside assistance, by creating an automated service that could handle a virtually unlimited number of customers, walk them through the assistance process, and dispatch technicians to where they are needed.

To achieve this, we built a website and app to handle the full process of requesting assistance.  Our app helps users diagnose their problem and enter their details.  Once this is entered, our system allocates the job to the appropriate roadside provider.  Payments are handled in-app, ensuring that providers receive payment for a completed job.  Motorists and technicians can provide their details to receive status alerts via SMS, email and Slack notifications.

Results & Milestones

In 2017, Road Angels continues to assist stranded motorists.  The company has established partnerships with nationwide assistance providers, allowing it to extend its reach Australia-wide.  Our team continues to improve the diagnosis process, and further reduce call centre requirements for providers.